Icon-an innovative treatment for dental caries without drilling.


An innovative treatment for dental caries without drilling.

Our priority: Preserving healthy hard tissues!

Enter a new era of dental treatment. From now on, you have the opportunity to stop dental caries in time with this completely new and unique technology, pain-free and without the need to unnecessarily damage healthy hard tissues.

Problem: Dental caries forming!

Standard treatment methods do not provide a satisfactory solution. Fluoride treatment is not always effective at an advanced stage. A dental filling damages a large area of healthy hard tissues no matter how carefully the job is done. The first indications of dental caries are a bad sign. As the tooth decay forms, it causes mineral loss under the so-called ­‘pseudo-intact’ surface layer. This demineralisation can make up to 30 % of the damaged tissues porous. Acids which cause carious lesions can spread through these pores dissolving other minerals in the tooth enamel.

Let’s look more closely at the problem!

Using the Icon treatment system, early dental caries (in their initial phase – see below) can be stopped and the damaged place stabilised and sealed against further damage.

The results of treatment with Icon are simply incredible

a)  The spread of dental caries can be permanently stopped.

b)  Treatment with Icon means healthy hard tissues can be preserved.

c)  The tooth surface looks like healthy enamel. This method can also be used for treating carious ‘white spots’.

d)  Treatment with Icon results in a longer tooth lifetime.

e)  Pain-free technology without anaesthesia or drilling.

f)  Simple treatment in just one sitting.

g)  Patients’ problems can be treated in time.

Indications for Icon

Icon® can do it!

Stops caries, removes white spots – and no drilling

Proximal caries treatment gentle to tooth structure.

DMG developed this special application for treating caries with a radiographic depth diagnosis of up to the first third of dentine. The application allows fast and simple access to the damaged place – without drilling. Each step of the treatment – etching, drying and infiltration is undertaken using a so-called interproximal applicator made from ultrathin film. Gentle separation of the teeth by applying dental wedges is necessary for application of the material directly on the caries.

Application suitable for vertibular treatment.

Icon can be used for caries on vestibular (smooth) surfaces with a cosmetic treatment of carious white spots – in one sitting! Dental caries infiltration on vestibular surfaces is therefore particularly suitable for orthodontic patients after removal of dental braces.

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